Financial Capacity Building

1. Financial Inclusion Capacity Building for Grassroot Financial Aggregators Project (Completed) 

CAFI launched this program in July 2018, and conducted survey in Beijing, Hangzhou, Lishui, and Lanzhou, to collect representative cases of financial aggregators, summarize their service models and operational experience, and identify financial aggregator prototypes that hold the most potential in facilitating the development of financial inclusion in China so as to better serve the vulnerable groups.

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2. Rural Financial Competence Survey in the Contiguous Impoverished Areas in the South of the Greater Khingan Range and the Neighboring Impoverished Counties  (Completed) 

CAFI cooperated with VISA to carry out a baseline survey in 8 counties in Jilin Province and 11 counties in Heilongjiang Province and Inner Mongolia Province In 2016 and 2017 respectively. The survey focuses on financial capacity building and the development of the contiguous impoverished areas with particular difficulties, scrutinize rural residents’ financial competence, and the relationship between poverty and financial competence. 

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