Inclusion Horizon- Exploring Taizhou Model of microfinance

Recently, two articles on the topic of “ Exploring Taizhou Model of microfinance” has brought a lot of buzz among members of the Inclusion Club. Therefore, On January 28th 2021, CAFI invited five experts in the related field to the dialog “Inclusion Horizon” to discuss the issues of Taizhou Model from the perspective of its sustainability, reproducibility etc.,.


Bei Duoguang(host)

President of CAFI

Zhu Yun

FC Project Officer of World Bank Group

Chen Dexiang

Microfinance expert and independent researcher (Mr. De)

Bao Sheng

Former China Microfinance Project Officer of World Bank; Director of New York Institute of Finance

Zheng Xuelong

Deputy General Manager of Small Business Financial Service Center of Hubei Bank


Topic 1: Is there still vitality in traditional microfinance?

Topic 2: Can traditional inclusive finance be part of digital inclusive finance?

Topic 3: Can the Taizhou Model be replicable?

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