Regulation & Supervision Research

1. Current Situation and Policy Suggestions for Small Loan Companies(Completed)

In the second half of 2018, CAFI visited and investigated the financial offices, small loan associations, and 12 small loan companies in 7 provinces, including Beijing, Guiyang, Hangzhou, Nanchong, Shenzhen, and Chongqing, and conducted surveys through questionnaires issued by the provincial associations. Combined with the feedback from seminars, CAFI completed the writing of the "Current Situation and Policy Suggestions for Small Loan Companies".

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2. About Interim Measures for Internet Loans of Commercial Banks the highlights and suggestions for modifications(Completed)

After the promulgation of the "Interim Measures for Internet Loans of Commercial Banks" (referred to as the "Measures"), CAFI researchers analyzed and interpreted them and put forward revision suggestions to the regulatory authorities. By comparing the contents of the "Measures" with the old and new versions, the report points out that the changes in the new "Measures" reflect the spirit of the Internet era and legislative highlights and makes suggestions on the improvement and revision of the new "Measures". The proposal involves including small loan companies as "cooperative institutions", revising the provisions prohibiting lending to cooperative institutions and their affiliates, moderately relaxing the credit enhancement access conditions for cooperative institutions, and adding punitive clauses for violent collection. The report has been submitted to the regulatory authorities and received positive feedback.

3. Research on the standardized development and governance of financial holding companies(Completed)

Financial holding companies grow rapidly, but what followed was their irregular development, operational problems and even business failures. At the same time, the development of digital finance also brought new opportunities and challenges. This topic aims to provide suggestions on corporate governance, strategy formulation, risk management, development model, regulatory framework and system of Chinese financial holding companies by summarizing the development history, model, supervision and theory of domestic and foreign financial holding companies, and ultimately help achieve the purpose of "regulating development and improving supervision".

4. The Present State of Microcredit Industry Research Project  (Completed) 

Commissioned by China Micro-Credit Companies Association in early 2018, CAFI conducted questionnaires survey and interviewed the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work and Beijing Micro-Credit Association, and carried out a field research in Guizhou, Shenzhen and Shandong to collection information. 

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5. Research Project on Agency-Lending Business  (Completed) 

In April 2019, CAFI established a research team in conjunction with Ping An Pu Hui, the micro-lending arm of the financial services giant Ping An Group, to conduct research on agency-lending business. The project is intended to scrutinize existing regulatory principles and approaches concerning agency-lending operations and give an assessment to agency-lending practices. The project team conducted fact-finding tours to a handful of institutions in Shanghai and Beijing and hosted a closed-door conference to solicit opinions and recommendations from concerned parties.

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6. Research Project on Present State and Policy Research on Customers of Digital Financial Platforms  (Completed) 

In early 2019, CAFI launched an in-depth research project on the customers of digital financial platforms. The project is intended to shed light on the impact of digital financial platforms on their customer base from the vantage point of financial inclusiveness and financial health. For this purpose, CAFI hosted a research proposal conference to solicit suggestions from policy makers and regulators, representatives from digital financial platforms, and other esteemed experts and conducted online surveys via several partners and platforms.

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