China's Perspective on Digital Financial Inclusion

1. Gates Foundation's "Policy Implications of Digital Finance in China" Project (Completed)

The Project is designed to distill insights from China's experience in fostering rural financial inclusion, which are expected to serve as a reference for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in their similar endeavors in other Asian countries that suffer low financial penetration rates.

Based on a series of research studies and data analysis, the report The Path to Universal Coverage of Account Ownership in Rural China Experiences, Policies, and Innovations is completed. This report examines that the changes in the penetration rate of China's rural residents access to financial service interfaces for the past 40 years. Besides. This research also answers two questions about the evolution of account ownership in China's rural residents: "What factors or policies have contributed to farmers' traditional bank accounts?" and "How are digital financial service providers helping rural residents gain access to digital payment approach?".


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2. Prosperity SPF's "China Financial Services" Project (Completed)

The project is committed to the building of a more efficient regulatory environment so as to foster sustainable and inclusive growth of financial services sector in China. CAFI is to provide project design plan to project's financial inclusion section and technical guidance to the project's elaboration, based on survey and interview on related financial institutes in several cities.


3. IFC's  "Digital Agricultural Weather Index Insurance" Project (Completed)

The project is designed to examine the application, constraints, inadequacy, and direction of innovations of agricultural weather index insurance in China. 10 counties from 5 provinces respectively across China have been selected for field research, during which data from supply and demand sides will be collected and local public authorities interviewed in order that first-hand materials will be acquired to provide reference for design of agricultural weather index insurance products. The project was jumpstarted in August 2020 and is expected to last one year. 

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